BRIESE focus.2 130 S-H

Eva Padberg   Joachim Baldauf

Joachim Baldauf, 2016

“It’s well known, in the photography scene that I like to work with Briese lights very often.

It was an epiphany, when I tested the Briese Focus.2 130 S-H for the first time.

It’s not only the easy handling as usual – the Briese Focus.2 130 S-H has even more qualities that are important to me and my way of working:
I would like to change the light quickly and flexible and I need a very precise light and it
should give me the possibility of shooting without any retouching or even a bit.

Ideally I can already see the result while setting the light and having the option to
adjust the light: hard or soft, narrow or wide.
And exactly this gets offered to me by the Focus.2 130 S-H.

At the photo production with Eva Padberg you can see the quality of the Briese Focus.2 130 S-H very well. The picture shows Eva as a rubble woman with rutted lips, a scar on the cheek and sundry wounds. All this was created by a make-up artist and should look as real as possible. It was very successful. Eva’s eyes are bright and her skin has come to life.

This picture is absolutely in its original state (no retouching!), that’s why it is so authentic.

To me the Briese Focus.2 130 S-H is the perfect tool for my photography. “


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The BRIESE Focus.2 130 S-H is part of our new generation of reflectors,
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